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ScandiTaal offers various course set-ups. Read more about these by clicking on the sub-categories. For each set-up (except Business related training and Cultural workshops) you can choose between three different levels of intensity: Crash, Intensive and Flexi.



Crash: Very intensive course of 1 or 2 weeks. You follow lessons every day, at a minimum of 6 hours per day. You are expected to do 1-2 hours of homework between the lessons. Emphasis on conversing, thus mainly speaking and listening.


Intensive: Intensive course of 2-8 weeks. Minimum 2 days per week, minimum 3 hours per day. Homework in between the lessons. Emphasis on speaking, listening and writing.


Flexi: Flexible course. Number of lessons and hours of choice, to be spread over a certain number of  weeks (by means of a strippenkaart system). 1 lesson lasts minimum 2 hours. Possible in combination with an online course/e-learning programme.