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Depositphotos_26981127_mFive reasons for choosing ScandiTaal:


1. Personal approach


Everyone can learn a new language, but people have different backgrounds and therefore different needs. The teachers at ScandiTaal have broad experience in teaching people with varying backgrounds, education levels, and learning tempi, and are thus able to adjust to the individual student(s) when it comes to teaching methods. This applies not only to choosing suitable study materials and setting the right tempo, but also in explaining, supplying exercises, and in general making the material accessible.

Most important, we believe that it should be fun to learn a new language. Our teachers all have a true passion for their country and their language, and they are more than happy to communicate that passion to their students.



2. Flexibility in course construction


We can set up a fully customized training for you, in accordance with your wishes regarding schedule, learning goals, and learning tempo. By means of an intake call/online form, we provide you with expert advice in setting up your course. You can of course also opt for one of our ready-made course packages.



3. Small and specialized.


Because ScandiTaal is a small language centre which only offers courses in the Scandinavian languages, we are able to immerse ourselves in our area. With us,  you are guaranteed the highest value for your effort.



4. Competitive prices


Because we are not a big organisation, we avoid a lot of paper- and administrative work. Therefore we can keep costs low and are able to apply competitive prices. We do not charge extra for intake, final exam and certification.



5. Native speakers


Our teachers are all native speakers with extensive knowledge about Scandinavia. All of them come from one of the Scandinavian countries and have spent large parts of their lives there. Not only do they know a lot about the country, they also possess invaluable cultural experience.

All of our teachers are also excellent English speakers, and many of them speak other languages as well, such as German, French, and Spanish.